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FANTEK's New FANTEK Ring® makes its debut at LDI Las Vegas


The FANTEK Ring® (F-Ring) is a cost effective and patented innovation that can be installed on trusses in a matter of minutes. Once in place, the F-Ring ensures that no damage can occur when the truss is being stacked on trolleys, moved from venue to venue or placed on the ground. Although removal is easy, there is no need to remove the F-Ring before using the truss, which means that the same F-Ring can remain in situ for the duration of the truss's life. And because it is very secure there is no opportunity for the F-Ring to be lost during transit. 

FANTEK's F-RINGs are must-have products for rental companies that want to protect their valuable truss stock. They are compatible with all truss models from any manufacturer using 50mm main tubes, the type most common with the 29cm wide trusses used for trade shows and live events. 



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